To live, is to risk it all

john | Feb. 20, 2021, 11:41 p.m.

Otherwise, you're just an inert chunk of randomly assembled molecules drifting wherever the universe blows you.

Now I'm not exactly sure to who to credit this quote too.  It appears that

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Why some of these social networks are so hard to beat

john | Feb. 20, 2021, 5:13 a.m.

The way the internet has evolved, at least how people search for information, is search engines.  Most phones, which is what the majority of the world uses to browse the internet, like compute

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Time travel

john | Feb. 13, 2021, 6:18 a.m.

Is apparently possible via Einsteins equations.  The general theory is that since both matter and energy can create a gravitational field. This means

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