February 17th, 2024

john | Feb. 18, 2024, 12:50 a.m. Uncategorized

I just want to write today.  There was something I was going to write about yesterday, but by some sort of divine intervention my laptop froze halfway through the writing of the post.  I decided to play OpenRA after instead. 

Seems it's starting to fill up.  The post yesterday was probably going to be one of the greatest posts ever written.  Thankfully it will have to wait for never.  What a time to be written, never.

I'm watching as the sun sets currently over the mountain.  It makes the clouds red.  It truly looks majestic.

A word I misused back in the day, regardless that was a doomed situation.  But man the powder was amazing that day, so overall a very positive day.  And in the end, I guess it was a majestic moment.

There was an earthquake an hour ago or so.  Maybe less.  As I grabbed the dog and ran upstairs to the roof I enjoyed the silence of the city on the weekend.  After the sirens went off, there was a silence.  Peaceful.  Then after a while I felt the dog start to wonder what the hell we where doing chilling on the roof, so I brought us back down.

Maybe that's why I wanted to write, just to express the exasperation of life as it shakes beneath my feet.  I'm nervous, in the end I don't think it will have an affect on my life if it goes positive.  If it goes negative, well then.

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