November 16th, 2023

john | Nov. 17, 2023, 4:39 a.m. Uncategorized

Getting a taxi is a nightmare.  Imagine being in a city, your phone's provider just decides you wont be getting texts now, or in the near future.  And reception, when it decides to bless you with it, is a roaming bar. Hence in your mission to try and change providers you try and hail a taxi. 

There are surprisingly an exceedingly large number of reasons why this is a bad idea, although there a quite a few of them roaming around.  The issue's that exist is that they just ignore you, are full, or ask where you're going and then say no.  Then you go through lull's of getting the taxi, so much so that at one point it was more convenient to eat some street food and chat with the vendor about the taxi experience.

Once I appeared more friendly with some food in my hand, a taxi finally decided to stop and agree to go to my destination.  Which sounds so final.  Unlike the taxi situation, that is just hellish.  Then once I got there, their system was down so they suggested I go to their other office only a ten minute taxi ride away.

So I hailed another taxi.

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