There are some weird bugs

john | Oct. 22, 2023, 5:31 a.m. Uncategorized

For example, the one I'm looking at right now.  It's freaking huge.  Way bigger than a thumb.  Maybe one and a half thumb's size.  How it got to where it is, is also another tong twister.  The angle this bug had to coast to get to that specific spot means it had to navigate as though it was an x-wing fighter trying to make it through the death star, and it survived the explosion.

The teachings of Buddha in me are tested by the shear gut reflex of the sight of the thing.  It's repulsive.  Even the dog wont go near it.  As it waives it's tentacles in my general direction, it feels my glare.

There are a few options when it comes to a bug of this caliber.  The first thing is to slightly vomit in your own mouth at the hideousness of what nature has been able to make.  Then once you make it past that gut reflex, its to think of how you are going to trap this thing.

If there was any evolutionary scientist inspired by Charles Darwin in me at this conjecture in time, I might actually try and dissect it and name it, but that thought vanish before it even had any traction because nature made it too damn hideous to want to keep.  Even worse, to name.

There lacks substance in the English language to portray the shear joy I will get once I chuck this amalgamation of disgust, hideousness, and life out the window; in hopes that I will be sending it to a better life, or worse case, a neighbors car.

Nothing against my neighbors of course, just every once in a while you have to hope the bug's flying abilities that got it where it's in your line of sight decide to kick in.  Simply because it was making it's presence known as a soar point in the room, in hopes it gets some more life.  Because everything in me is screaming "Exterminate the mutation!"

This must be the curse of Buddha.  Not wanting to kill the only thing between you and a beautiful reality; a bugs life in it's most disgusting form.  Make's you wonder, is something this hideous possible to be misinterpreted as beautiful? Only in a bug's eyes I guess, after all it did have a mother, I hope.  Thankfully it's not a mosquito.  Buddha be damned, those bastards are trying to suck my blood.

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