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john | Sept. 14, 2023, 3:59 a.m. Programming

I recently bought a new laptop; specifically one that had a GPU in it.  As soon as the deed was done, it got what all new laptops get, wiped.  They then get a brand new install of Ubuntu.  The issue is that sometimes the laptop is too new for the drivers to be out. 

Normally this isn't an issue as there are workarounds or if you wait enough time, usually six months or so, they catch up.  The issue arose in between that time and now.  During that time in trying to test the laptops microphone, I decided to do a quick google search to see what online solutions existed.  They where pretty awful.

The first thing I did was just search the literal problem, microphone test.  Once I checked out the top ten sites, there was nothing particularly doing exactly what I wanted so I did the next thing that came to mind, I searched to see if there was an exact match domain available because I'm lazy.  I presumed something like this was already bought by someone a while ago, and to my surprise it was. 

Thankfully though the domain had a for sale lander on it and offered a payment plan that was within my budget, I was sold.

Then came the hard part, building the website.

At first I thought this was going to be hard since out of all the programing languages, JavaScript is not particularly my strong point.  Thankfully ChatGPT exists.

It was surprisingly simple to navigate the prompt to adjust what needed to be done. In the final version as of this blog post, given I'm a fan of bootstrap, I used that to simplify the styling.  Other than just going to cloudflare's cdn to get the librarys, most of it was done by chatgpt which is kinda cool.

There was a few more prompts along the way

But overall for a MVP, it was surprisingly quick to put together.  Given it's entirely front end you can just go to yourself and right click and view source to see how it all works.  Or prompt chatgpt to make your own.  And on a side note, some one on the ShowHN asked to add a feature.  So I asked ChatGPT

Hope you enjoy it.

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