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john | Nov. 17, 2023, 7:56 p.m. Programming

So I did a Show HN about, and it went better than expected.  For a brief moment it was actually floating at number three on the front page of hacker news, although I was only able to get a screenshot once it was down to ninth since there was so much traffic going on with the site, that it kept dropping for a bit while I fixed the issues.

Which was kinda cool.  But it also taught me quite a bit about internet speed, and speed test's in general. 

Specifically, that the distance matters, a lot.  In that thread there was one person said "Says 1.6Gb/s here but says 4.0Gb/s".

They where in the fact the closest to the server.  And still didn't get full velocity because the server was most likely full, or throttled to say a 1 Gb/s connection, since it was a VPS.

Then in the Spanish forums, people didn't like the name, so I had to make to appease them.

So now that the ping and jitter is getting worked on; it's on a dedicated server with a 10Gb/s port, it will give the ability know how far your server is and which one to send your requests to.  Which means as time goes on it should show you your speed test and the server location closest to you.  So it's more accurate for the people far away from the US server.

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