Lost in understanding

john | Oct. 20, 2023, 9:52 a.m. Uncategorized

Submerged in the beautiful culture that is life.  It's interesting to have to consider that there are things that will never be understood.  But we don't need understanding to be understood.  We need beauty, passion, and patience. 

They may come with other things, they may even lack some of those things.  It doesn't quite matter if they do or don't.  It's simply a losing venture to be lost in understanding.  But it is quiet joyful.  Viciously ravishing every moment in a frantic manic joy. 

The density of the moment is robust.  It is more than spacious.  It is an expanse that feels infinite.  One might even think they don't care.  They would probably be right, but they know others do.  That may cause them a bit of pleasure. 

The patience, that's one you can only get by playing the game to begin with.  Just knowing how interesting it is is more than enough to simply ponder.  Do some care enough to even care.  The meandering around the dance of letters is passionate.  It's enthralling at times, as if it could be anything else.  They seduce you letter by letter.  It's as if they have a beat, but it's as far from the beat as they come. It's poetic.

The beauty dripping and oozing from every orifice of every curvature and every crack.  Does one play with history when one is making history.  These are of course things one who can only witness as the events unfold, pondering as they overwhelm.

It's just as useless to understand the ramblings, but there might be things in the bunch of letters stitched together passionately expressing the rage and fury they carry.  They overwhelm the simplest observer.

Yet there is no rage or fury, simply aimless exploration of vicious expanse that is a dictionary.  Never having to open one to venture into the unknown.  The bits and pieces weaved together by the fabrication of letters bunched together makes them understandable. 

The feeling has not been explored. It should though, it's pioneering to begin with. It might even opine that it feels vindicated unknowingly.  Did the curiosity it sparked overtake the lack of accountability they witnessed.  Maybe it's just someone reaching.  A clerical apprentice that see's the move.

Not a junior, not a senior.  The one with the thick accent.  The one that knows the game was played in the fastest way possible on the slowest board imaginable.  One in which moves take years, yet it was done in a span of a week or two.

It does nothing to the understanding, but does cause a grin that it interjects into the game in a way that is undeniable.  Happiness, what is it? I smile knowing I don't know.

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