October 31st, 2023

john | Nov. 1, 2023, 12:27 a.m. Uncategorized

Learned a lot today.  Still fixing some random bugs on some of the sites.  Even had a nice encounter with a fellow citizen about dog piss.  Not the particular conversion I was expecting to have today, but it happened that way. 

In the end though, the dog had to pee.  And peed it did. Despite her best efforts to observe him pee.  Truly a bizarre set of events in hindsight, especially as I'm carrying the poop bag.

Which brings me to the recurring thought I have had while walking the dog.  In a sort of comedic mastery of events, I imagine me just walking the dog down the street.  Then out of no where there is an attack.  As the attack is happening, the only proper weapon I have at my disposal is the poop bag, full.  There the thought goes into a orchestrated set of tango between the poop bag and the antagonist's face.

This is neutralizing set of events.  And then I just keep walking the dog.  Today's events where probably as close to that poetically speaking to that as anyone could ever have wished.

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