Some blocks of code of are slower than others

john | Oct. 13, 2023, 7:51 p.m. Programming

Not in processing, but in creating.  There are times you just have to move slow no matter what.  Double check, triple check.  Quadruple check.  Then go back take a break, and check it again.  This is when you're dealing with codes of an application that are so critical, that failure is catastrophic. 

Those parts of the code, are the ones that are always generally the simplest.  The crud app parts.  The parts that are so simple that it is the easiest overlook, but when they break, they break spectacularly. 

There isn't much of a difference if the entire app breaks, but in those rare circumstances where the actual code isn't mean to break but is meant to calculate and it does so wrong.  You're times well, they get lost.

Simply put, its the parts of the code that can't be messed up.  It's never the parts you think either, just the parts that have to be done.  Because if you're wrong, the fun is done.

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