The ebbs and flows of life

john | March 14, 2024, 5:37 p.m. An attempt

Aging is an interesting experience, I wanted to write weird, which it also is, but for some reason felt interesting was more appropriate.  See, that's ageing.  As the time passes, the highs and the low's hit new milestones.  

But there is the moment in between those highs and lows that would be considered, every day normal life.  Those are the ebbs and flows.  They just always come, no way around it.  Day will dawn; morning will come.  It's probably why humans, and almost anything on this planet, is good at predicting patterns.

The sun will rise.  In some places it wont set.  That's part of the process of living.  The shocks become truly shocking, simply because there is more voltage in the event.  Which says something about the human experience.  The fact that they just continue, as does life.  There isn't much that can be said about the feeling of totality, being decimated, time and time again.  That's evolution.

The process that got us here has time and time again flowed like life does, like the pattern of the solar system.  The predictability of a solar eclipse, once considered magic, was a simple calculation done by scholars. 

Even the meaning of words go changing through the eons, but the persistence of the repetition that is day breaking, day in, day out, is just that.  The ebbs and flows of life.

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