It was time to test the webcam

john | Sept. 26, 2023, 8:09 p.m. Programming

So recently I developed and wrote a short blog post about it.  That went fine, the launch was wonderful, maybe a total of one hundred or two hundred people used it. 

Then I forgot about it and continued on with my life.  But since I had already played a bit with the browser API, I felt it was pertinent to make another site to test the webcam.

Granted, in this situation the domain buying was slightly more complicated.  Since I already have the .com for the microphone test, I figured that would be the best place to start.

First I saw it was for sale yet again, but with no payment plan and a price that I couldn't believe.  So I emailed the owner with about the same offer price I paid for   Instead the reply came back saying that they would only consider serious offers.

That meant I was not going to get that domain, but I still wanted to launch a site.  So as luck would have it, when I went and checked to see what other domains where available it was between the .io which has a pretty steep renewal rate for a site that may not make anything at all.  Or the .co.  I went wit the .co because it was $14 vs $39.

So was born.  Surprisingly on launch day its done a little bit more visitors than the microphone test site.  Although I think that's because despite it getting the same number of upvotes in all the places I launched, this one works on all browsers on launch day.  Microphone test had some CSS issues I didn't check before launch on Chrome so about half the users couldn't even see the test button, so if no one used it, no one shared it.

Either way, nice to launch it.

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