Stuck in thought

john | July 9, 2023, 3:43 p.m. Uncategorized

It's a weird one.  It's just my situation, or use to be.  There was moments of peace, but at some point the charades ended, finally.  Not sure why I didn't think to simply step up before.  Just blinded by ignorance I suppose.  The thought is almost gone now though.  Had to simply understand it.  There is still something floating around, but much less now.  Trying to crack it is a difficult one. 

It doesn't want to be dissected, preferred to be ingested.  Both are fine with me, as it marks and end of era.  I severely deranged era.  Taught me a lot of things, basically how to be prepared.  Taught me how to be traumatized on a regular as well.  Bizarre to think all it took was simply returning the favors. The unprovoked favors of course.

Surprising to think.  Then again who cares.  Its over.  In fact, its gone.  There is no bad that good doesn't from.  My grandma use to say that, she lived through two wars.  And my dumb ass has a vivid memory of my child self, around eight, telling her I knew suffering.

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