Time had taken a break

john | Aug. 26, 2023, 4:18 a.m. Time

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It was the only sensible thing to do; the issues where complex after all.  I mean why would some one do such a thing he pondered.  You see Time had been wronged.  There must of been a reason though.  There always is, for example, efficiency could be the reason. 

He remembers reading the story of some revolutionary and ponders how History would of classified this one in specific.  You see he knew History, they go back a while.  Back in nursery school Time and History basically where like Ying and Yang.  Slightly less theological though, one could never really figure out who was Ying and who was Yang.  Thankfully with History and Time you could tell them apart at the bat of an eye; History depended on time, the way the fabric of spacetime came to be, it was only obvious to everyone but Time, but due to the relativity of the whole ordeal even though one was born first he couldn't exist without the second.

Regardless Time had no knowledge of this, he simply continued on with his life.  History couldn't comprehend how Time never thought of him, all History ever did was write about how Time has affected everything.

At first he found it amusing, his idol was his best friend by happenstance. Who knows what History's name would of been had he been born second instead.  Didn't matter to Time, he just wanted to chill, all he had was time.

He still valued it though, because its the only thing he knew, and the wisdom that comes from having the liberty of time.  But History, History couldn't deal with always thinking of Time.  So they lost touch and he couldn't ask him this time what he thought of this revolutionary.  Instead he thought of History for the first time in a long time.

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