Not caring about SEO

john | Aug. 13, 2023, 9:04 p.m. Programming

If you have a website, the thing you will hear people talk about often is SEO.  Search Engine Optimization.  What is SEO? It is basically designing your content for a search engine.  But if the layout of your website is done right, in theory it should have just enough SEO signals. 

Why then do I not care about SEO? Because there are other ways to design for SEO, and the bread is in the pudding.  I would most likely say, in the general content rich niches, the most important thing is the content.  But not just long content, engaging content.  It does not have to be long at all.  There are sites that have one page, all fits on screen.  They still rank, they still brand, why? Because they simply offer what the person is searching for.

How would you measure if your users are engaged? Most likely starting with bounce rate.  Overall site, and then inner pages.

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