If life is like a box of chocolates

john | Sept. 1, 2023, 6:58 p.m. Uncategorized

And you where born allergic to chocolates.  What would you do?

I have no idea, hence why I ponder the question to you.  It feels heavy.  Thankfully I wont spend much more time pondering this question.  Instead I will simply write beneath the weight of it.  At some point I might find a point among this weight.

There is doubt in that statement though, I mean will there ever be a point.  Probably not, but it does not matter if there is.  All that matters is that the point was made I guess.  I really have no idea what matters or does not.

Like in physics that by merely observing something you influence its outcome.  The same applies here.  By writing about the box of chocolates, it makes me want some chocolate.  Not in a box though, I don't actually like the box of chocolates.  It has way too many types of chocolate, and the simpler darker chocolate is generally enough.

Of course unless you want a chocolate croissant.  Doubtful though, even then I think still would prefer darker.  Well at least we got to the bottom of that.  Dark chocolate croissant.  Yes, that is exactly what I want.  Maybe tomorrow.  Nope, on second thought I'm going to want a doughnut.

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