If you could turn back Time

john | Sept. 16, 2023, 5:52 p.m. Time

He'd slap you.

No reason other than he hates being turned.  Makes him dizzy.  There was some one that tried to turn him around.  Time simply gave that man a look that froze him for all eternity. 

If he had only been unfrozen by time he would of been able to continue on his little life.  But the look Time gave him made time also graze the findings of death.  Rattled by the look Time had given that poor man, time continued on its relative path.

History was always changing, at first it was dumpster fires, then it was melting of the metal of the dumpsters, and finally it was just dust.  History hated being called dust.  It infuriated History when Time yawned.

Time nonetheless liked the word nonetheless.  Would use it every once in a while.  It really was a complicated thing this time and Time though, thought History.

Since most historians like to refute other historians, History was filled with inner rage all the time.  Could you image having to live your life with someone telling you that a prior part of you was wrong, backing it up with other prior works of you to show you.

History could probably even dig deep into himself to find other parts of himself that other historians will later find, and so on and so on.  But that would only leave for a very uncomfortable digging.  It has been speculated that History can only look backwards.  Despite the evolutionary pressure to do otherwise, he has found a way.  Probably overwhelmed by rage that he went back into himself to fight Darwin for introducing the word "evolution" into his dogma.

Darwin evolved though and became a spec of writing by the time History got to him that all was left was his legend, and dodo birds.  Such is time.

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