December 29th, 2023

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There is a lot of spam on the internet.  It amazes me the kind of spam I see get through my non existent spam filters.  I suppose it's probably on par, or more, than the amount of volume of porn on the net.  I'd like to venture to come up with some law about it.  Like Moore's law, but more like Spam's law.

Law's are a funny thing.  For example back when I was in college I remember our psychology professor making a point of the fact that there where only four law's in psychology.  They basically where biologically limits of the human bodies, more than psychology.  Everything else was a theory, test or untested.

Impressive the things that stick with you years later.  Did some stand up yesterday.  Been a little over a year since I last did it.  That was fun, got a few minutes in.  Feel the maturity in some of my jokes.  Was reading the old lines, they felt dated.  Read some where that comedy never ages well.  Not sure if I agree, because my old jokes still hit.  Just didn't feel like doing em though. 

Finally got my wireless headphones working again.  They are great for the winter, cover the ears and keep em warm.  Although must say it reminds me of innocence.  I'll never know what happened to that, but can only hope it turned out alright. 

Not sure why I never did show innocence how to snowboard.  To this day can't put my finger on it, oddly enough even when I try and ponder it, it just goes blank.  As Frank says, that's life.  But you did fly me to the moon. 

Gattaca.  Been listening to the sound track on repeat.  "Never saved anything for the swim back".  Had a terrifying event occur yesterday as well.  Went to open a window, and it feel half in, and half out.  Taking another window with it.  Eleven stories up.  Miraculously the half that feel out just shattered on the road.  There was no one out.  I ended up with only a minor cut.

The universe must of conspired for that one, thanks universe.  Sometimes your chaos is poetic.

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