Mr Telepathy the De-gifter

john | Oct. 30, 2023, 11:39 a.m. Mr Telepathy

Mr Telepathy who in his own delusion has stated he knows what people will think and say, multiple times, has hit new levels of surprising events.

Still clinging to his only accomplishment in life, which was paying to be featured some where under the faux charade of trying to help people, when he is so incapable of doing anything but grifting poor helpless individuals who believe his mythomania.  Was reminded of a spectacular event he did, robbed a gift he gave.  The only gift he's ever given. He robbed it back.

Surprisingly, this gift had some significance.  After of course Mr Telepathy felt like taking a swing of a golf ball to some one's head, in of course an event that can only be described as his chase for extermination of his, and here we go with his own words, "slave".  Since Mr Telepathy believes some people are just that to him.  Specifically people who have had no choice but be around him.  He must of had a moment of humanity where he decide to gift one of his "slaves" something. 

So he did the only thing he could.  He robbed it back. Granted it was to be expected that he would, as how could his sadism let him get away with doing anything nice.

After trying to kidnap one of his "slaves", in modern times, because they wouldn't acknowledge him, or his existence since it was so preposterous to even flirt with anything near that delusion.   He felt like getting vengeance since his kidnapping attempt failed.  He robbed the vehicle of one of his "slaves", probably due to the fact that he is so pathetic he felt in his old age to still be a child while already being fully bald. 

Nothing against bald people, just it's hard to imagine some one who has had a full head of hair, and lost it, would still think they are a child and act like one.  But it is Mr Telepathy we are talking about, so nothing is off the table, except his hair.

So when confronted about the de-gifting and the robbing of the vehicle he responded "Why is everyone giving me a hard time?" And he had to be reminded that they where only stating facts of his actions.  So he of course responded when asked if he was going to return or replace the things he stole and robbed.  Unsurprisingly he responded "No need".

Since how could he respond anything else, he doesn't even acknowledge the existence of humans as none slaves.  Apparently everything and anything they own is his.  Despite no evidence it ever being his.  It's okay though.  There is no bad that good doesn't come from.

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