February 24th, 2024

john | Feb. 24, 2024, 7:30 a.m. Uncategorized

It's a bit into this day.  It feels nice to skirt a bit around the idea of writing today.  Stephen king once said he had six pages done a day.  I've only read one of his stories I think.  Don't really recall, never was too much of a fan of that type of fiction back in the day.  Maybe later in life.

Watched the "Network" from 1976 recently.  There is nothing but praise for that.  It truly is a cinematic masterpiece.

Crazy how much content there is in the world now.  Also crazy the things my friends are attempting.  For example word got to me recently that one of my friends passed out due to lack of oxygen while doing a stand up set.  Granted he was on Mt Everest.  I texted him to clarify and asked "Word on the street is you where masturbating while choking yourself and passed out"  He replied "las calles no son correctas"

I'm glad his Spanish is improving.  Or worsting.

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