There was this guy once

john | May 28, 2023, 3:36 a.m. Uncategorized

I remember him vaguely.  We chatted online quiet a bit.  I just don't remember how or why.  He was a cool.  I would ask him random questions since from what I remembered he was well off.  I asked him once, how he got there.  He told me to imagine doing what I wanted to do.

I wasn't sure at the moment.  So I probably spent a good day or two pondering that.  I told him later that I wanted to have no worries and just sail for a bit.  He told me that sounded awesome and that he was all for that idea.

I laughed, because what help was that.  But then he said something that I never forget, he said "Now start from there, and imagine every step backwards till you get to your present day"

It sounded so simple.  In theory, it is.  I don't remember much of how long I pondered that conversation after it happened.  Or how or why we stopped chatting, probably cause I switched from aim to icq or something.  But it clearly had an impact, I'm writing about it now, in what must be at least two decades later.

I remember I got there once. I was off a beach in Mexico, I had rented a small Hobie cat, about 17ft.  And I flipped it.  As the hull was towering over me getting ready to barrel down, I smiled.

The guys who rented to me, came out in a jet ski.  I knew em, they where my friends, but they looked at me with a face of intrepidation.  I explained I had already unhooked the sail, done all the routine things to get her back over, but her mast was stuck inbetween a few rocks.  They smiled.

It took us about half an hour to get it unstuck and back to sailing condition.  They didn't trust me bringing her in this time.  Until they did.

But I got there, he also told me to read something called acres of diamonds.  Which I did.  But that's for another day.

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