March 2nd, 2024

john | March 2, 2024, 8:24 p.m. The Run

So glad that today is no longer February simply because I always struggle spelling that word, since birth.  I remember it clearly, as soon as I took my first breath the doctor said "Spell February".

I remember seeing the red squiggly line then too mid air but not knowing what it meant.  As life has continued, I'm reminded of that trauma every year, sometimes even for an extra day every once in a while.  It's torture really.

As March marches in the flowers start to bloom, the spelling becomes less of a problem, and I'm even able to finally break the twenty minute run mark.

The goal is probably thirty, although there might be a distance vs a time in there or a distance in a time.  It's an extremely cumbersome process that requires thought and planning to execute.  To run today or not? Then for how long? Will I reach it or will my body actually even be capable of doing it.

This is all dependent on the fact that I actually run.  Thankfully, I figured that one out a while ago, by rotating my workouts, one day run, next day calisthenics.  Granted I've noticed I sometimes do them in a row, and at times there are days I'm just taking some days off but at some point my body starts feeling like it needs to outlet this extra energy.  Kinda cool.

Never paid much attention to this stuff when in my youth.  Speaking of youth, there is a movie called just that "Youth" by Paolo Sorrentino.  It's pretty wonderful.

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