Time will tell

john | May 26, 2020, 8:51 a.m. Time

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At least that's what we think will happen.  He's still a bit sour from the earth.  That was a bad break up, to be honest he wasn't sure he could ever love again.  Thankfully mother Earth got over her rage.  Although we are still unsure how it exactly happened.  Maybe it was something along the lines of science. 

Father Time wasn't exactly sure he was a father anyways, he had used a meteor station pit stop.  It was rather filthy in there, at one point he thought it was rubbish.  A word he found the British use that amused him. 

The origins of Time are still a bit shaky.  It's one of those things that is rather hard to figure out.  In passing it was once heard he had a conversation with a stranger about his birth. 

Unfortunately the stranger became so wise upon hearing the story he made a vow of silence and never spoke a word again.  At times he was seen counting sand grains in a beach, with a sort of frantic joy.  Although he would then stop and take pictures with the grains of sand, at times trying to find the perfect match of one for the other in hopes they would end up together.

It never did happen, him speaking, he did find many pairs of sand particles that lived out their lives wonderfully together.  It's kind of tragic that the only person who could speak that specific dialect of sand was in fact also a mute.  Nature works in mysterious ways.

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