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john | April 25, 2020, 6:22 p.m. Time

It's one of those things that just happens.  The power of the keyboard overtakes you, it starts off as a little tap, a blink, and then as it goes along it starts to flow.  You could read a lot about how to write, but the best way to write, is to read.  I mean it's only necessary to actually know what you wrote.

But this circular logic is dangerous, since it is words that changed the world.  Actually it probably was something like a meteor, aliens, or perhaps even a god.  Although I'm still putting my money on chance.  Not that anyone is there to take the bet. 

"I'm here to claim this ticket that says I'm owed money for the origins of life, since it was proven at the beginning of time" 

"But sir this makes no sense, how can you claim a ticket that was never issued?"

"How dare you accuse me of fabricating this ticket, you ball of words!"

The exclamation point is one of those things I think about when writing.  It's suppose to express an emotion, but we all know that emotions are simply unexplained chemical reactions that lead to delicious feelings.  Tragic.

The thing about the flow is that sometimes it comes and sometimes it goes.  Deep I know.

But when it's there, there is nothing sweeter, well except sugar.  Doesn't mean what is flowing is good though, you always need to be aware that sometimes the flow is just the wave your riding of a existing emotion that overtook you. 

Or maybe, it's just the music.

That thing called the soundtrack to my life.  Mine generally is breathing, but yours might be something far more expressive, like breathing.

It doesn't matter how you breath though, could be with your lungs, or could be with your gills.  I wont judge, but others might, so make sure you hide those gills.  Although I will say you wear them well.

Sometimes you want the flow to stop, because you know it's just one of those feelings that's not going to stop. It takes so long to come to you.  Or maybe it's that you just don't want the flow to end, but you are sitting there hoping it will.  The sense that is coming from this nonsense is so nonsensical that well it must end. 

Thankfully it hasn't ended just yet.  I don't know when it will, it could go on for ever, maybe it will. Maybe it wont.  But life is made up of so many small moments that forgetting the past is part of the equation, unlike the future which haunts my memory. If only I could forget it, I would, because the future is a terrible place.  It's full of wonder and joy, perhaps even pain. So be weary of what it holds since none of us know, except father Time, that bastard.

Literally though, his parents weren't married when he was born.  They later did get married but, but that stigma never left him.  He always walked around being told "Look at that bastard, Time"

It wasn't until he stumbled upon earth that he discovered he had nothing but time, but time don't make time.  What he didn't realize is that one night stand he had with Earth, made her a mother.  It hit her like a meteor.  She felt scorned.  Hell hath no fury like the wrath of mother Earth.

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