Time is relative

john | July 28, 2020, 9:28 p.m. Time

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At least according to Einstein. 

He came to this conclusions during his observation of Time, he was frantically trying to explain to anyone who would listen how if you spend five minutes with your hand on a burning hot stove, it feels like hours.  But if you spend hours with a girl you love, it feels like minutes.  Time was not amused.

If you ask Time if he's relative, he tends to space off into the distance, as if he's gazing into the infinite universe trying to materialize the answer.  This is generally the moment he tends to disappear.  Although he did once throw out that time might go faster if you watch paint trying to dry.  But not because it's relative, simply because paint drying plays with the fundamental fabric of the universe. 

Hes not much for words. Even less if you ask him about himself.  The one thing he does have is patience.  Infinite amount of it, given that he is after all, Time. 

Although this hasn't necessarily helped his cause in life, as being the patient man that he is, he at times forgets to take action.  Instead he sits there, waiting, patiently for the right moment.  If only he knew when that was. 

The last time he waited for the right moment, it came and went.  He kept waiting hoping it would come again, but alas it didn't, at least when he was waiting for it.  Once he gave up waiting, is when the moment came again.

Unfortunately, this is also the moment he realized he was a little too patient, so he waited again.

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