Short on Time

john | Aug. 8, 2020, 11:21 p.m. Time

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Not that Time cared.  He knew he had enough of himself to last eternity. At least this was till he met Mr. Universe. 

He was at a dive bar minding his own business, drinking a tall glass of chocolate banana milkshake, with a bit of cookie-dough sprinkled in, when in walks Mr. Universe.  Not many people command that presence, but after all he is ever expanding, and honestly takes up a lot of space.

As he started expanding into Time's space, he got a bit agitated.  It's not often that Time and space get mixed with the Universe, but stranger things have happened.

There was an explosion, some call it the big bang, others call it nirvana, and some call it hell.  But nonetheless that lead us to present day, when Short was lying on Time.  This scuffle took place in a pleasant community turf.

Time was trying to impress.  Short was trying to get tall.  Was a recipe for disaster.  In the end neither won, since no one drinks a short glass of time.

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