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john | Oct. 14, 2020, 2:19 a.m. Mr Telepathy

It's something that just seems to get to me.  Still having a bit of trouble adjusting to this crack, or is it more a misunderstanding.  Yeah I think that's it.  As I wrote that it felt like it was.  Now, I know myself well enough to know what I'm feeling and thinking. 

It's about the most I know.  Sure you could say I know a few other things, but there are probably people that know it better than me.  There are of course things that I am really good at.  I know this, it took years of dedication, perseverance, and grit to get there.

But this isn't what I'm good at, it's what I know.  Now to know is "To perceive directly; grasp in the mind with clarity or certainty."

Now, I have no idea what anyone else thinks.  That would be preposterous, unless I had telepathy.  Unfortunately I don't.  Although from my understanding it would be pretty terrible to have it, imagine always knowing what everyone else is thinking, you would never know what you're thinking.

You would probably make a delusion of this, since you know with clarity, and grasp with certainty.  I wonder what would happen if that delusion was broken? Imagine someone going their entire life knowing what everyone else thinks. 

You could use the inception route, where if I tell you to think of a elephant, you are thinking of a elephant.  Or are you? I mean if I told you to think of an elephant, and I ask if you are thinking of one, and you say no, that would mean you are lying?

No probably not.  That sounds like a mad man talking.  Thankfully I've been blessed with this, I've had the honor of talking to a mad man.  For humors sake, let's call him Mr Telepathy.  Maybe I'll write a few short stories about him.  Now this isn't meant in harm, in reality it's just an outlet.  One that of course I know has no affect on Mr. Telepathy.

Mr Telepathy is back

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