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john | July 5, 2022, 5:11 p.m. Mr Telepathy

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I didn't think I would have the pleasure of ever writing about him again.  But he showed up.  Of course with the usual antics as always.  First despite no evidence, throws around wild accusations. 

Then, when the evidence is presented contrary to his belief, he gets irate and rages. 

Of course last time Mr Telepathy was around, there was some kidnapping threats going around.   Although I am still unsure if they where threats, or if they where actually real actions that where in progress but evaded by his victim by leaving as soon as possible.  Since Mr Telepathy has done that to others that disprove him. 

And when they disproved him, he felt compelled to do those heinous actions to others.  Probably to deal with his inner rage of being wrong constantly. Or to feel that he was right when he was wrong.  Since that seems to be all that matters to him.  Perhaps really, he might be a fan of digging holes.  That is a stab in the dark though, as it seems humans like to dig holes.

Regardless,  he changed. This time, despite his best efforts, and despite his knowledge of situations that occurred, with no evidence as usual.  We ended up in the same pickle.

Per the course, Mr Telepathy starts berating his subject, from the get go.  I believe the term is called gaslighting.  What causes him the most joy I can only deduce.

Just because he feels something is right, or more so, even though he knows he is wrong, he can not fathom some one whom he views of a lower stature being right.  It would ruin his telepathic vibes. It might actually even make him have to think about another human, in a human way, not as a object owned for his amusement.

Thankfully, most children know they are children, since they say things like "I cant wait to grow up."  This man child is not though, he is full on child inside a man's body who never wants to grow up.  Instead, it is a fully matured human, who some how believes himself to have telepathic power.  Can boldly make statements of others actions.  With of course, zero evidence.  Can even make statements as absurd as knowing the actions the other person did, despite not seeing them or being near them when these actions took place.

It use to be amusing.  Now a few comedy bits may be written about it.  Who knows, might even end up as a hour hour special.  There is of course no better way to show gratitude to telepathy than disproving it.  Not that it matters, never has.  Never will, since even when there is actual proof, Mr Telepathy can not even in good faith admit fault. 

That would unfortunately be more catastrophic to his psyche than an education.  Since we know despite given every chance to get one, it went against his telepathy being told he was wrong.  It was unbearable. So he quit and instead decided to tell people he had finished his education in that subject.  A travesty to the profession really.

I honestly can not imagine what it would be like to believe you're entire life you know what people think, how they are going to react, and what they are doing, when you are literally never right.  But, I guess maybe you can teach stupidity.  And Mr Telepathy got a PHD in that field.  Not the study theoretical stupidity though.  Just applied stupidity.  Oh well.  I would say there is hope, but I have read up on a bit of genetics, and I currently don't think you can fix a genetic mutation.  Then again I might be wrong.

But this isn't about me, Mr Telepathy knows that already.  He can read my thoughts apparently.

Mr Telepathy goes on vacation

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