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john | May 4, 2020, 8:27 p.m.

The internet world, at least in English speaking countries, is dominated by Google.  It's kind of scary to think that the closest thing we have to the library of Alexandria is at the mercy of a algorithm, that was designed on a college reference system for peer edited papers. 

The rest is just some things they say to try and get you to believe that there is more magic to it, maybe there are some dampers that put time delay on things to make sure it's "legit" but when you are talking billions and billions of pages, there really isn't that much that can be done.

This is of course the state of the current affairs of the internet world, of course there are other sources of traffic such as Facebook, but those are also generally gamed pretty easily, since after all they are in fact at the mercy of algorithm.

So what does this have to do with anything?

Nothing really, just felt like expressing this thought.  Human psychology plays such a important role in the internet, and unfortunately what is basically a plethora of information with businesses built on top is how it is.  Granted this leaves for so many opportunities because in the end everyone just wants information.  So the point is finding these information gaps. 

Now of course that is easier said than done, but the beauty of the internet is also there is so much information on basically the current state of affairs.  Want to know what website is growing the fastest? Check Alexa.  Want to know what people are searching for? Check Google trends.  Want to know if a website is available for registration? Check if the domain is available. 

But the beauty of business, at least my philosophy, is that it is incremental progress, till suddenly some one puts all these incremental progresses together and makes the next leap.  Granted the internet is also a great communication tool.  I'm able to broadcast this useless thought out to the world and bask in the joy knowing that no one cared.  Except those pesky bots.

One day I'll get them. they are the good bacteria of the internet.  Since without them no other bots would know I exist.  Oh well, back to the grind of reality.

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