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john | April 23, 2020, 11:38 p.m.

I was going to write you all a Haiku, but then I considered the fact that I know nothing of poetry.  Other than the great unfortunate disappointment you are probably suffering at this point, I do have something that will at least give you some solace.

It's nothing poetic. 

In fact it's a simple memory turned into a reality, in the most lazy way possible.  By registering the domain.  Ah yes, the best way to have an idea die.  Don't you worry though, this wont be like most ideas that just fizzle away.  This one will at least be launched, to who? No one in particular, maybe the poor unfortunate bots that read this blog. 

I feel we should have a moment of silence to remember them. They came and went, crawled all over my words, and then regurgitated me in binary.

But the idea came to me in the time of prepandemia, when I was at a social gathering discussing the the artist playing, which was a rapper.  The girl then mentioned that she thought that rappers where just Haiku Geniuses.

Which then lead to a discussion about basically all artists being Haiku Geniuses.  At which point the music became to good to care anymore.  But this lead me to wonder how hard it is to write a good Haiku.  So, step one is done.  HaikuGenius.com is registered. 

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