Whistle while you migrate

john | Aug. 14, 2021, 7:48 p.m.

Recently I couldn't seem to advance a simple migration of an app.  I became a fan of Django over the year, or years, not sure specifically.  I think years at this point.  Anyways, as I did, I started moving a lot of my older apps to Django.

But there was an entire section of apps I just could not bring myself to migrate.  Specifically because they are a cluster fuck of things that some how magically work.  The beauty in wizardry. 

The reason I couldn't bring myself to even touch them, is because, they actually work, sort of.  Not fully functional, but they actually work.  People use them, I have no idea why.  But they do.

This leaves me in a problem, I know that by migrating them, I'm going to make them better.  For example, making the constant support emails I get about how the API is broken and they want to sign up and use it, stop by fixing the API on them.

Now, I made these apps in haste, as I did at that time of my life most things.  Unfortunately, all those things I made, started hitting recently.  Perhaps it's because people use them, I don't know.

None the less, that didn't make me want to fix anything on them.  I seem to have bigger problems at the moment.  But this needs to be done, as it's a problem none the less, and will only further become a bigger one as time goes on.

So I finally broke, and started the migration.  Although, It feels uncomfortable writing this since I know that even by writing this, I'm trying to avoid migrating them.  Damn paradoxes.

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