Been really hungry lately

john | Aug. 12, 2021, 8:27 p.m.

Not like normal hunger, but this sort of, can't stop picking at things.  It was tragic in one regard, and delicious in another.

Last night for example.  I'm walking around the apartment and out of no where it hits, the hunger.  It wasn't any type of specific hunger, it was just something that was sort of craving something cold.

I opened the fridge, hoping that I would find what I was looking for, but instead I found nothing I wanted.  There did happen to be a half diced tomato there.  I've never liked tomato's, other than on a burger.

I looked at it, it's core was probably trying to look at me. 

I grabbed it with haste and stuffed it in my mouth.

At first I wasn't sure what I was experiencing, the texture was unlike anything I've eaten.  But the taste, the taste was for the first time, delicious.

I was hooked.  I started looking around, and to my surprise, there was a bag of tomato's in the lower shelf.  I grabbed another, and bit into it.  It exploded.  Tomato seeds and juice went everywhere. 

I looked around, and realized no one was around.  So I decided, that's it, I'm hooked.  And stuffed another one in my mouth.  This time making sure to bit a bit off before I gorged on it.

And then, it finally stopped.  I was stuffed.

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