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john | Aug. 17, 2021, 5:57 a.m.

I'm unsure why men enjoy building things, I can't speak for women, as I was not born one.  And as a firm believer in biology I do think I would be classified as a male specimen.  Not too old, not too young. 

But I know I do enjoy building something, just as much as I enjoy raging at how I built it.  My greatest critic is me.   Although that doesn't mean I listen that critic.

I'm never fighting against anyone but myself.  If you want it call it fighting.  Maybe it's something else.  I'd say it's a feeling, but that doesn't feel right.  Maybe it's luck, just born with it.  But I doubt it, because I know men far smarter than me.  I've been crushed in games, although I've also made men quit games.

I guess it must be something about the tools I have, or built.  All in the pursuit of fun.  Cause if life is play, and fun is the reward.  One must ponder what game you're playing if you aren't having fun.  You can always chose any and all games.

Although I prefer the game of life, since it's full of fun.  You acquire knowledge as you age, although that doesn't mean you mature.  Despite some peoples best efforts.

What you do acquire is some tools to get you through the days.  What's most fun of having those tools though, is learning to share them with others.  Because, why not?

The world is a terrible place at the moment.  But there is beauty in it.  Perhaps you have to dig through the darkness.  As hard as that might be, there was probably some one that had a similar problem some time in history.  They probably found a way to solve it.

Then of course, it was lost.

Waiting to be rediscovered.

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