October 8th 2021

john | Oct. 9, 2021, 4:43 a.m.

Well what a day.  I finally think I figured out the random thing that I was getting stuck on.  Figured out the solution.   Although I guess I use to have it, just forgot.

Finally started, after who knows how many years, the dumb website I've been wanting to make since I got into the internet game.

Ironically, it's one I probably should of made a long time ago.  But patience has it's rewards.  Plus I didn't know what the hell I was doing then as much as I do now.  So there's that I guess.

I wonder how many words are in the Spanish language.  Of course there are probably tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds.

Doesn't really matter, just a curios thought.  Seems all the projects I've made in Django are doing well, and are just a bit easier to manage than I had initially anticipated.  Although there are still a few things learning along the way. 

An odd day in other aspects, but all is well.  Excited to get each of these projects up to working order.  Should be enough of them that by this point one or two should hit nicely.  Then again it would be nice if they all hit.  It's always nice when that happens, not that it does too often.

There is something I feel I need to write out, but I just have no idea what it is.  It is just this constant stream of thoughts wanting to come out.  Mostly ramblings of sorts, but maybe there will be a nugget in this.  Not, not feeling it.  It's actually feeling like a rant of nothing.  Maybe that's what I needed to do, just rant about nothing.

What an odd word, nothing.  Not nill, not false, but nothing.  It lacks any sustenance really, it's rather empty if I do say.  Void of space if you must.  Nothing.

Exactly like most of these things, thoughts of nothing.

It's feeling better, far better.  There we go, yes, it's almost out.  The energy to write.  The one's desire to express sound into the void, or rather words into the ether of the net, or internet as some of you may say.

Needs to end with a bang though, if not what's the point.


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