October 9th 2021

john | Oct. 10, 2021, 2:48 a.m.

Did a bit more work on DE.  Adjusted some of the ascetics.  It's seems it still has consistently about five or new words posted a day.

That's always exciting cause it means it has traction.  Generally the hardest thing to get.  Or in other words, solving the chicken and the egg problem.  Once that has a spark or two, either man made in the case of reddit, or organically.

Then comes the next, scaling.  Or making the larger mouse trap.

There in lies the next problem.  If you build a good product time will help it grow.  If you build a great product, time will help it grow.

What generally helps it grow faster, is something other than it being a great product.

In the case of PayPal and CoinBase, they did what any VC fund normally does.  Except they did it blatantly, unlike Uber that just eats the cost of things.  They just straight up sent you money.  I think it was around $10.

Of course I'm not a VC.

So there has to be another way, and generally there is.  Time of course is one.  But the others...

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