October 7th, 2021

john | Oct. 7, 2021, 4:33 p.m.

My fly trap caught a mosquito last night.  I'm unsure if it was the one buzzing near me at night.  Was still pretty cool. 

I'm curios to see how the pitcher plants turn out.  They are slowly growing their pitchers.  Looks like a dead leaf at first, but as it grows it turns into this ball of leaf bark I suppose.

Surprisingly enough the people that are checking out the dictionary site, are posting definitions, and voting.  Probably will make HaikuGenius.com next, with somewhat the same layout.

Those are just for fun though, and kinda cool.  Hopefully today should have finished one of the utilities I made a couple years ago.  It's been half broken for the entire time.  So now hopefully it should be fixed, as of today.  But who knows.

Once I have that done, hopefully will be able to advance the rest of them quicker and then be done with that set for a bit.

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