November 12th, 2021

john | Nov. 13, 2021, 3:06 a.m.

The days, they come and go, but this one.  It's no more ordinary than the rest.  Happiness and fun seem to start to come to mind every now and then.  There are of course lulls.  The moment, it's been growing each day.

I wonder if this is read.  It could be, but probably isn't.  Who would spend the effort.  But me of course.

It started out as a thing to do to sort of get rid of thing.  A feeling in a sense, it was overwhelming when it started.  I couldn't explain it, not because I didn't understand it.  I didn't.  More so because it's an odd feeling being openly scrutinized.

Not famous.  Simply heard, occasionally.  Doubtful even heard, more so read.

Even if read though, what is it of my words that cause anything but simply a rolling of eyes.  Most of life is lived in jest.  With a few moments that truly mark you.  But even those fade and you are left with a feeling guiding you if something similar happens.

What's fun about nature though, is no two moments are the same.  Maybe in a micro level they might appear, but you can't ignore the macro.

Irrelevant anyways, it's all for fun.

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