November 10th, 2021

john | Nov. 10, 2021, 11:47 p.m.

So, my nose is running quiet a bit.  Forgot it does this when I haven't run in a while, and make it to the point where I'm breathing so hard through my nose, that it sort of opens up my nasal passage.

Had been a bit since I ran a few days in a row, and well pushed myself.  Still been struggling to finish the 4.4k without stopping. 

At least I got the 2.2k loop to warm up fine.  It's funny, I can tell I'm a bit out of cardio shape.  Never was able to run less than the 4.4k.  But now, around 3.5k or 4k.  I generally run out of steam.  

Although my stride is fine, just feel it in my lungs.  It was also further confirmed by the constant running nose now.

The next run should be significantly better, since there is now all the mucus probably drained out.  Or is still draining I guess.

Either way, it always feels nice after the run.  I don't open my mouth while running.  Just breath in and out of the nose.  At first it was rather impossible, but after a while, it became the only way I feel I should run.

Granted it does, when out of practice, leave for some days such as today. 

Although I will also say, if I'm running consistently, I don't really snore, which is nice. 

It's also very different from the type of workout you have when doing weights.  Although I do feel, you excerpt yourself differently, there is nothing like a consistent long run to force your body to burn oxygen efficiently. 

Either way, there was also, before I went on this run, the elevator incident.  Where, I was going to go for my run, with only my keys.  Got in the elevator, and as it was going down.  Power went out.

So overall, not a bad day.

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