No one ever regrets going for a run

john | May 4, 2021, 6:09 a.m.

Other than those that don't make it back.  But we didn't hear from them, so we can still make the assumption they didn't regret their run, even if it was fatal.

I went for one today.  I haven't run in a few months.  I use to do it generally once or twice a week.  But for some reason, I just had stopped.  Winter normally doesn't always stop me from doing it.  I actually got frostnip on my nose once.

I remember the day beautifully.  I looked outside, saw it a clear blue sky.  The house felt cold, a little bit more than usual.  It didn't matter, I was living in the mountains at the time, so you sort of get use to the frigidness of it.

I decided I wanted to go for a run.  I had a full face mask to run around just in case it got really cold.  I opened the door, it felt cold.  Very cold.

I decided to get the full face mask.  Put on the sweatpants, the socks, the sneakers.  The town was empty, no one was out and about as I was going for my run.  This was somewhat unusual.  Either way I kept running.

The silence of it all made for a longer run.  As I started to get tired I turned around and made it back.  As I puled into the driveway, I was exhausted.  My lungs felt like they had been through some sort of experiment. 

I wasn't cold, although I had felt it at the start, once you warm up in your run it feels fine.  I looked at the thermostat that was hanging outside the door.  Not sure why I didn't think to check it before the run.

It showed -40F.

I walked inside, and instantly felt the wave of heat overrun my entire body.  But something felt a bit odd as I took off the mask.  A part of my nose I felt it was there, but really couldn't feel it.  To the touch I sensed it, but I wasn't feeling my touch.

I must of gone the run the entire time with part of my nose not covered.

Thankfully it took a while for me to start breathing and not feeling a part of my nose each breath.  As the sensation over weeks slowly dissipated I thought of that run, and decided, that I still didn't regret it.

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