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john | April 30, 2021, 8:59 p.m.

About nothing in particular.  It's a pleasant thing to write.  Although there are those writers who hate it.  It's probably because they are doing something with the writing other than just writing.

I have no intention when doing this, other than observation of my own words I guess.  My thoughts as time progresses, if I ever choose to go back and read what I said or wrote or thought at different stages in time. 

Of course I do know all of this is public, which does limit how and what I write about.  In a sense, it's like most things in my life, an experiment.  One I have yet to actually figure out the purpose of, but none the less, an experiment.

Occasionally I experiment into comedy or creative writing.  Other times I just write a quick thought.  There are of course times I write as to the reason why I write, such as this.

The purpose I suppose is nothing other than entertain and drain myself of the need to express a thought, with the general intention of them being futile thoughts that get expressed.

I do leave some hope lingering I suppose that one day I may write something impactful.  It takes a lot of writing to get to have good writing.  Then like most movies, it takes a lot of editing.  I don't really do much of either.

I guess maybe I want to write a book one day, perhaps a short book.  This might be a good venue, those that have found my musings amusing might venture one day to read a book I wrote.

That would be cool.

But at the moment, it is simply musing.  One day, it might just not be.

There are tiny things I do want to actually fix on this blog, so maybe instead of writing one time I'll fix all the issues I see. 

Originally funny enough I made this to simply learn a framework.  Now I enjoy that framework, so I might just decided to upgrade this a bit here and there.

Although, as it sits, it does what I need of it, it expresses my thoughts nicely.

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