Everyone is lucky

john | May 8, 2021, 4:32 p.m.

It's kind of amusing that most people when things don't go their way blame their luck.

Luck is one of those things that in the math world is called variance.  Think about just being born.  That takes an incredible amount of luck.  From what we have observed it seems that life is something not too common.

That is at least assuming we are searching for things we would consider to be alive.  Granted we judge life, by our standards, what ever those may be.

Not of course to be confused with living.  One can be lucky enough to be born, but could never really live.  The tragedy that is life. Of course this is about luck, not living.

Although I do suppose that if one is lucky enough to live, they must once again be lucky enough to be living.

Whats even more bizarre of the entire situation of people using luck as an excuse.  Such as saying "I got unlucky", well of course you did.  It's only natural.  Like perfection, without imperfection, you would not truly understand it.

But that doesn't mean that some aren't more lucky than others.  Although, who is the one who places the value of the amount of luck.  Some might say that a person is lucky for achieving financial success, but ignore the bad luck they have with either family or relationships.

Others might even say one is lucky simply because of how they look or where they where born.  Yet opportunity is all around us. 

Sure there are people who start way below, and some that start way above, and there is some correlations that say that show that by having all the advantages you will always be ahead of someone who wasn't born as lucky.

But if that was the fact, no one would ever become more intelligent.  Everything would be stagnant.  Only those born lucky would be the ones who where able to take that first breath.

Instead we live in a world, where as the many sayings go, only the good die young.  So maybe even in death, when it was what they did, not who they are that is all that is left, they where blessed with luck to be considered good.

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