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john | Aug. 18, 2022, 5:39 p.m. Mr Telepathy

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It would seem like a normal day to anyone.  Just a mid summers day in August.  Nothing out of the ordinary, except somewhere in the brain of Mr Telepathy there must be a nagging thought.  As if something is missing.

Perhaps it is a tradition, what a sibling would do.  Send birthday wishes.  It is odd though that this thought must be going through his head, as it would be his birthday.  Probably yearning for his ego to be inflated more so than it already is. 

The reason is to believe that his actions have no consequences.  It is to believe that the people he threatens to kidnap would only but forget everything he has done.  Of course Mr Telepathy is incapable of self awareness.   Because to him, anything that goes against his own desire to inflate his ego by even presuming he is able to read peoples thoughts, is preposterous.  The world was made only to please his every desire, regardless of how sinister, sadist, or heinous it is.

Now of course, this is all irrelevant to him.  As he is incapable of seeing his own flaws.  His own weaknesses.  He is only able to think that he knows everything, that he is infallible, and that no matter what the people he speaks too are not in fact humans, but pawns to him who are there for his amusement and to push his will onto them at any cost necessary.

He has a few redeeming traits, if I would even call them that.  It is more likely they are some how a deep seeded "justification" for his actions.  Take for example, lying.  He is very good at this.  In fact, he is so fluent in it that is it simply his main tool of manipulation.

Everything to him is simply something disposable, there for his amusement.  His hubris is only matched by his ego.  Respect is something even Rodney Dangerfield himself would be shaken to the core by the lack of respect he has for anyone.  Of course, why would he.  He can read their thoughts.

Then again, it must be unbearable to assume someone he considers his slave chooses to remove himself from his presence.  Despite the total lack of friends he has, having lost them through the years by showing his inevitable desire to fulfill only his egos desire to inflict pain and suffering on others, and to try and justify it by a faux charade of a pyramid scheme gone wrong.  He still, tumultuously presses on trying to fulfill his sick desire to yet again proverbially, or literally, beat his slave.

Since he can read thoughts, and he can hire people on a whim to do his most heinous acts, he feels untouchable.  And maybe he is.  One never knows these things.  One cares not.  Perhaps that is why they say it is lonely at the top.  Because, no one wants to touch to you, speak to you, or see you.  But hey, you got there.

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