August 22nd, 2022

john | Aug. 22, 2022, 4:31 p.m.

There are a lot of two's in today's date.  That must mean something to some one some where.  Unfortunately two decided to retire for their specific moment.  But it will be back tomorrow I am sure. 

There of course is a bit of nervousness to the entire fabric at the moment.  The fabric of reality that is.  Although the fabric that was used to make this keyboard probably is feeling it more.  It finally decided it really should stop letting itself get beaten by fingers, so it filed a petition with the keyboard collective of finger beatings association, or KCFBA for the acronym lovers. 

They seem to be under a lot of thumb pressure though, so it is taking them a bit to get back to this keyboards specific grievances.  Thankfully, if not this would not have been able to been typed.

And the twos would have never known they where on vacation today.  It feels nice to feel this, what ever it is.  Said the keyboard, probably.

Although, that is probably more a projection than a statement of fact.  One can never really quiet deduce exactly how the keyboard is feeling.  Is it happy only one hand lays on it, or does it wish the paws that laid on it did that more instead of the hands. 

Perhaps it thinks, no this paw business is too adorable, I want the rough edges of a hand.  Realistically though, it probably just wishes to be left alone.  If it didn't it wouldn't have filed its petition. 

One never knows.  What one does know though, is that two is out for the day.  But it will be back tomorrow.  Tomorrow of course there is a triplet that will make itself heard.  Unfortunately tomorrow has only been played out in the future. 

Maybe one day we will know exactly what that future brings.  But probably not, since one can not be in the three world.  It was one after all.  Not two.

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