March 1st, 2022

john | March 2, 2022, 3:34 a.m.

Today I felt was a good day to prepare for tomorrow.  Not because tomorrow is anything special, but because I just wanted to have fun with life.  I struggle to find another purpose.  The joy that comes from the fun seems to be constant. 

It's the one thing that life has seemed to just sort of place on a platter every day.  Of course the type of fun I'm having, not everyone can have.  To reach this level of fun, you have to have had many years of having fun.

What is fun you might want to know.  It's not what's going on in some parts of the world at the moment.  But you aren't here for that, you're here for the fun.  The curiosity of what is to come. 

Life has a beautiful way of taking you for the groove of it's nicks and cranny's.  As you float around, accomplishing nothing.  It's unfortunate that people are upset with that.  We are all just humans floating on a rock around a star in a ever expanding universe; that means that the population of the universe is zero.  Only in the mathematical sense.

As we live, that proof tries to refute that very mathematical essence.  Calculus and it's flaws against humanity.

So if we are mathematically none existent are we really alive?  I believe so, but I can only say that to a high probability.  As I would have to venture to the uncertainties of what it means to be alive to try and have any chance of claiming with certainty that we are in fact alive: I digressed into a rant about the philosophy of the scientific method; the basis of science as we know it.

Could you imagine being Charles Darwin: the man had to write a book at the time to disprove the all mighty God; which suffices to say that the only way I could ever believe in God is if he wrote a book disproving Charles Darwin.  The naturalists would be appalled; although to their defense in his book The Origin of Species, he could not come up with a argument as to how ants evolved.

They are a voluminous bunch, them ants; don't worry if you can't either, in his lifetime the most he was able to do is disprove the naturalists; which probably had a lobbying effort from the church to keep their narrative in play as facts refuted their affirmations.

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