March 10th, 2022

john | March 10, 2022, 7:17 p.m.

I finished Charles Darwin's the origin of spices.  I must say I'm joyful that I read it.  It dresses evolution far different from the selfish gene.  The selfish gene felt a bit more dense.  Charles Darwin had a way with words.

It must of felt so satisfying to finish that book: I can't imagine the feeling he felt while writing that or even after; it was published in a time that the closest analogy I've ever been able to come up with thus far, is that it would be God, Allah, or what ever flavor of name you wish to put to the meaning of existence, writing a book disproving evolution.

The beauty of that book was as you start going through his rational, as the book culminates, he ends it with such a beautiful aspect where he says something along the lines of "even though the naturalists believe the complete opposite".

To state it so boldly after he expressed his dissatisfaction with being able to fully prove with his theory how ants evolved, which as time has progressed has further added new theories to the history of the lineage of ants with people now believing they are a distant ancestor of wasp; but that doesn't specifically explain how they evolve since they tend to get no new genetic material, but in the ever struggle for existence they evolve slowly since at times there are other colonies near by that they mate with of the same species and even then, since there are such few members of the ant colony that are able to mate, it moves significantly slower; with the queen having multiple of her baby queens to choose from: they have their pick of mates as well even though small, the adaption process is most likely slower as well: so they evolved to slowly for Charles Darwin to observe, further reaffirming his theory that the longer a species has existed the less significant evolutionary change will occur, especially given that ants are probably one of the oldest species on this planet: knowing that his theory was most likely not incorrect he still had the courage to state the theory, not shying away from the only part he was still unsure how exactly it fit into the puzzle.

It goes without saying, but my respects Mr. Darwin.

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