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john | April 29, 2021, 9:05 p.m.

I've noticed I have had a lot of people sign up for my newsletter.  This is baffling, to be frank, at the moment it does only two things.

First it asks you to get your email, reminding you that the verification email may in fact go to spam.

Second it sends you an email to verify that you could basically verify you are not a bot and or cared enough to perhaps click the spam button, find the email, verify and maybe even click "not spam"

It does not send a newsletter, one day it will, but I'm just not motivated enough at the moment to write in this line of code or two.

Of course, like most things.  I believe by the fact that the word spam is in the newsletter collection service.  I must rank somewhere in the internet for it.

Because it seems the number three must somehow be a good factor of spam vs real human on what I like to call the great internet musings, because that is in fact the number of people who actually verify their email, per one hundred sign ups.

And here I thought it was only bots that read my words.  I was wrong, it's three percent humans, despite my best efforts.

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