I don't know what to write about

john | Sept. 14, 2021, 5:19 a.m.

But like most of my writings, it is because I feel I must write something.  The beauty of this is that I know that once I start, it's easy to get a flow going.  It doesn't mean what will come out will be anything worthy of rememberance though. 

Sometimes it's just the thought of writing that does it for me.  Although, since the futileness of it all at times makes it's self aware.  Nothing short of spectacular.  Yet, in the mist of it all, there is nothing but wind.  The breeze that goes through the room.  The sound of nature. 

It breathes, suddenly and quietly.  Then changes it's tone.  A bit more distant this time.  Although, as always, it slows down. 

I was walking once, on this planet.  I never felt so far and close to earth.  Each step, was a simple reminder, that I was simply a human walking on this planet.

I enjoy the night, although I'm unsure if it's the silence I enjoy.

I want to make something great.

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