Originally it was a migration

john | Sept. 1, 2021, 3:06 p.m.

But then, after seriously wondering why I was migrating it.  I started a completely new project.  Amazingly enough it's far more advanced than even the migration was with the same amount of work.

Just flowing nicely.  Although there is still a ton of work, I think I got the code rather elegant.  Some neat little python tricks to make it simple to read, and not a verbose monstrosity.

The previous project, half works only.  And amazingly, it doesn't stop growing.  I can't imagine what will happen, once every function, has actually been tested.  It might actually, work.

The emails, do seem to come in more each day.  This means that it is either more broken.  Which could be, or that more people are using it.  It does seem to be the latter. 

Either way, soon enough, should all be fixed and working properly.  Or at worse, at least being able to see, exactly what is broken.  So it can be fixed.

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