Fixing some of my broken sites

john | Sept. 15, 2021, 4:16 p.m.

Most my sites, generally serve one or two functions.  Granted in many varying different ways.  But at some point something probably breaks on them.  Of course some of them have tests, others don't.

Either way, it makes for a rather interesting situation when some apps I made, start to grow.  This is always cool.  I had been in a rut for a while, since flask had become not the right tool for the projects I was making.

It was a bit more burdensome to start having it monitor how I wanted.  So instead of fixing it, I just let them sit.  But they still kept growing.  Which caused some problems, but in them causing problems, they are ending up a bit better.

Wont be anything spectacular, haven't really had the need, only desire, to launch another thing.  But even that desire dwindles, until the rest is migrated well.  Instead I've started to get some real joy, in maintenance.  Although, it's not really maintenance.  I guess in a sense it might be, but it's more so feature upgrade, slight redesigns, and a bit more automation.

Either way, it's always surprising that after a while things like this, become fun.

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