Getting older

john | June 24, 2021, 2:19 p.m.

I'd say it probably started around thirty, but there have been some pretty impactful events since that have me realize the level of speed of aging.

I notice how I feel around my family and friends now.  I'm inexplicably overwhelmed by emotion at times.  Its as if I feel the fleetingness of life.  How fragile and simple it is.  Or more so how little time I feel I have with everyone.

It's funny too because the one thing I have is time.  It just seems that no one else ever does.  Kids, jobs, work, life.  It all goes little by little filling up everything and everyone's life.  Those parts of life.

It's not particularly anything I remember in specific about people, just what they feel like.  The inexplicable fabric of reality I feel around everyone.  With some the draw is far more than I can resist.  With others the enthrallment is intoxicating.  Nonetheless, this aging thing is a roller coaster of emotions.

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