john | June 14, 2021, 3:26 a.m.

Seems like a usual day.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Yet it's the day that everyone has on their mind.  Granted that's probably because it's the day.  If it was Tuesday I feel most people would of already forgotten about Monday.

I have no idea what Monday really means.  I use to I suppose back in days of actual school.  They where in fact dreadful sometimes.  There where other times you couldn't wait to see your friends.

I was once, roaming around, making friends here and there.  Making a mistake or two as well.  I had the pleasure of going through heart break during this time.  As I suppose is life, heartbreak.  I digress, I had developed this habit of asking questions to everyone and anyone.

Generally I always feel their life is far more interesting than mine.  So I'm curious to see how it goes.  At time or two I care to learn a thing or two, and what better way to test knowledge than questions.

I always respect older men, as they may not know much about my life, but they do know more about life than me.  The are both men, and in fact wiser at least in the living aspect of life.  Can't deny it.

So I treasure when I can ask them things, and as I was blessed with this traumatic heartbreak, I was in the car and asked the man, "What would you tell your 32 year old self"

He was well above sixty.

He was silent for a while, they generally are, I've noticed unlike me, they think before they speak.  Not all of them, but on a question that is truly testing their knowledge, there is always a pause. 

Maybe one day I'll be wise enough to have that pause.

He licked his lips, and silently said "Tomorrow's another day"

I sat there in silence digesting what he said, "tomorrow's another day"

He followed it up with "As you get older you have less friends, some die of cancer, and sometimes one gets eaten by a shark"

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